What You Can Expect

Over 30 Years of Experience
Unlike most programs, you will be taught by a senior level person
with years of experience in communication, management, presenting, teaching, and getting results, in both France and America, across all sectors.

Carefully Customized
Do it yourself, your way.
A customized program will be made for you in order to suit your needs and style of learning.
The idea is to be yourself in English.

Save Time
While typically, the French cadre has trained on various management skills in French, now (s)he can learn English/American at the same time. These seminars will help accomplish the two goals spontaneously – the knowledge of management techniques and the English necessary to succeed.

So often, a person who confidently shines in his or her native French language becomes disabled when forced to step into English and play the same role.
My American Management Communication training seminars, group working classes and individual courses combine management training skills necessary for success and the English vocabulary that’s required to recognize that success. Or said otherwise, these seminars and courses will allow you to function in English with the same competence as you have in French.

When you enjoy what you are doing, you learn better.
This is the reason why my seminars and courses are ludique.
They are developed to be fun and stimulating:

  • Small in number, a warm friendly atmosphere is created from the start in order to allow students to gain confidence in their trials and errors
  • Via use of role-playing, students are able to experience different situations and test out their skills
  • Games are developed to make the roles enjoyable and elusive while such skills as stress management, teamwork, time organization, conflict resolution, etc. are also taught. The intensive environment spent entirely in English will provide an opportunity to establish these skills in English.