How to use the language and grammar to nuance, be positive, convincing and part of the team.

personne au bord d'une falaise les mains en l'air


Day 1

  • Create team strategy

    Stay on track to set goals and measure results

    Identify the key issues; don’t get sidetracked

    Language for prioritizing, sequencing, staying focused, and more…

    Communication strategies for staying on track

    Work as a team

    Every person is a valuable player

    Language for positive speaking and encouraging cooperation Communication strategies for empowering team members

    Manage conflict and reach consensus

    Conflict is inevitable

    Optimize differences of opinion to provide insights and progressive thinking

    Language for creating harmony

    Communication strategies for creating “win-win” decisions

  • Express yourself

    Know what to say

    Be direct, explicit and understood

    Language for linking and developing ideas; building arguments

    Communication strategies for presenting and convincing

    Language for responding to opposing ideas.

    Communication strategies for active listening and avoiding conflict

Day 2

  • Make global decisions

    Cultural differences

    The decisions you reach are often influenced by your priorities. Create global priorities

    Language for negotiating differences of opinion

    Communication strategies for focusing on common interests, not positions

    Reach decisions

    Evaluating arguments is the first step in reaching decisions

    Language for summarizing, confirming and concluding

    Communicating strategies for connecting

    Implement plans

    Put your ideas into action Language for scheduling and planning

    Communication strategies for networking

  • Put it into writing


    Language for corresponding, exchanging information, requesting and responding

    Communication strategies for creating rapport

    Position papers

    Language for clear, direct and concise points of view

    Communication strategies for positioning your ideas