Engage your audience. Create and deliver a clear, convincing and memorable presentation.


Day 1 - Develop

  • Convincing… in English

    Developing a strategy

    Techniques for identifying the key convincing points and how to best say them, simply.

    Targeting and positioning these ideas

    Tailor the message to the audience; Express your objectives in their language, on their level.


    Be focused by choosing the right angle.

  • Creating interest with a powerful introduction

    Hooking the audience

    Ways for stimulating interest

    Create your storyline

  • Storytelling

    Create a compelling story to engage your audience. convey your point and make it come alive

  • Using the right language

    Acquire key vocabulary

    Use key phrases for introductions, stating purposes, sequencing, signposting and linking phrases.

    Practice using effective language

    Use concise, active and verb driven language ;Calibrate and nuance using adverbs and adjectives.

    Word imaging to make it memorable and impactful

  • Illustrating points in English

    Visuals, charts and graphs to strengthen your presentation

    Get right to the point – practice highlighting and summarizing in English

    Create meaningful stories

  • Putting it all together

    Presentations will be filmed

    Debriefing – what are your strong points; areas to work on further

    Review of key points learned

Day 2 - Deliver

  • Expressing yourself: It's not only what you say but how you say it


    Word articulation

    Stress to emphasize

    Pacing techniques to add meaning and interest

  • Staying in control of the visuals

    Be sure that your narration is stronger than the visual.

    Practice ways to keep the audience’s attention on your narration and not the visuals.

  • Delivering

    Dealing with stress

    Channel it to become a source of energy

    How do you look?

    Final filming and debriefing

  • How do you look?

    Final filming and debriefing

  • Answering questions

    Coping techniques covering all of the bases