Dynamic Presentations

Impact and engage the audience with your message. Be clear, convincing and memorable.

Efficient Meetings

Feel confident to participate in English. Acquire and practice the skills for being an active player in meetings.

Negotiations in English

Be able to get your best possible option.

Use English

Use English to its advantage. Learn how to structure, positize and use the grammar to help you be effective and get results.

Customized Groups

Be yourself in English. Develop a program tailored to your specific needs and style of learning.

Our Mission

Photo d'une jeune femme souriante

Our mission is to help you to express yourself more freely;  allowing you to say what you want effectively in order to bring about your desired results … externally and internally; professionally or personally.

Although we work in English, our training encompasses techniques which transfer across languages.  To your surprise, you will have help expressing yourself in your mother tongue as well.

Anglophones can take full advantage of this training as it works on your communication skills.