What does it take to be a strong speaker?

Public speaking is one of people’s biggest fears. It ranks along with the fear of death. Moreover, if it’s not in your native language, it’s a real challenge. Over the next few posts I will provide you with some tips to make it easier.

Step 1.

First, and most important, is to be comfortable as a speaker in English. So what does that take?  I believe that it starts with: 1- Knowing WHAT to say.


KISS your audience—Keep It Short and Simple

You need to be able to say your key message in one simple sentence.

Your talk should have one key message. Thereafter you will use several ideas to support this key message.

Do you know what your message is?

It is the one key idea that you want the listener(s) to take away with them. If everything you say comes back to the same key message the listener has a clear, key idea to take away. Now, if you create a series of convincing ideas, which support this idea, you’ve created a memorable argument.

The trick to developing a strong, memorable argument is to find 3 supporting ideas and link them together to tell a story.   This will provide you with the shell just below.

Start To Create Your Narration



Three points that develop this are:









How do each of these points link?— are they adding to the same point; contrasting; emphasizing? Write your answer in a and b.  You now have your story!

Next week we’ll see how to identify the key statements; stay tuned ….

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