Get Your Key Message Across to the Audience Clearly, Effectively and Memorably

Make sure you, yourself know what your key idea is.  Now take this idea and check yourself,  by asking yourself if it means something for the audience.  “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle”:  is your key message in the form of a benefit for the audience.  Is there a WIIFY ( what’s in it for you)?

If so, be sure to begin with your key message, at the very start.  It should be in your introduction just after your greeting ,introduction and  hook.  The message should be clearly stated as…. Today I’m here to….*.

Be careful not to “bury the lead”.  This happens when you use a cartesian methodology and wait until the conclusion to expose your key idea.  Business is not about academic gymnastics but rather about “the bottom line”.   Therefore you begin with the bottom line to grab the audience’s attention in a way that will be intriguing and beneficial for them.


Click on don’t bury the lead to hear Chip Heath co-author of Made to Stick talk about not burying the lead.

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