How do you get something to stick: to make a strong impression that stays with you over time; grows on you; keeps you thinking about it?

In a fantastic book that “says it all”, Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath use an acronym to give the key criteria.

S- simplicity – your words are “prioritized” – only the key or trigger words are given

U- unexpected- it violates your expectations- creates an expression of surprise which puts the audience in an open, almost vulnerable position to receive your information

C-concrete- I need to be able to experience it with at least one of my senses:  see it/feel it/ smell it/ hear it/taste it

C-credible- I believe it– I buy into the idea either for internal ( you’ve allowed me to experience it first hand) reasons, or external references.

E- emotional– make me care about what you’re saying

S- stories– the narration that brings it all together in a meaningful way

Watch this you tube of Dan Heath who explains how to make a presentation stick



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